Motatapu Off Road Events

Each year in March, Arrowtown hosts athletes and their support teams doing the 'Motatapu'. Now the event is a collection of five unique off road events which include the 15km Miners Trail run, the Motatapu Marathon, Motatapu 47km Cycle Run, a Triathlon, Multisport event. Next year there will also be a 2 person Adventure Run. 

The athletes and teams take over Arrowtown on Friday evening and the next morning many make their way over to Shania Twains' Motatapu Station for the start of the Marathon and Cycle run. Each event provides a unique experience in the mountains around Arrowtown with many taking athletes across the Motatapu and Soho stations.


Tim, the owner of the Hotel, has so far competed in both the Motatapu Marathon and Miners Trail. He will happily share his experience with you on the evening before you start.


 The Arrow Private Hotel is the ultimate Motatapu Accommodation for those looking for a lot of luxury after a lot of hard work. With the finish of the event literally five minutes walk away through the historic Chinese Village, you really couldn't be staying anywhere closer to the event.


On the friday evening before the event, there is normally a large pot of pasta cooking in the Hotel kitchen. Come and share some pre race carbs and some great stories of what has become one of NZ's most recognised and memorable events.


Contact us now on 03 409 8600 or to book the best accommodation available within easy walking distance of the finish line.


See the Iconic Adventures website for more details of the event options available.