Experience unique, boutique Arrowtown accommodation, with personalised service, at this Arrowtown Luxury Hotel

Unique Style with Personalised Service


The Arrow is architecturally awarded for its secluded and romantic, boutique but quirky form; a leading 'design style hotel' nestled in nature.


5 luxurious King Suites provide wonderfully light-filled, spacious apartments for two friends or a couple to occupy, with options to sit in or outside each apartment. A romantic bathroom and private kitchen let's guests relax and unwind at their own pace. Breakfast is delivered daily to the suite, with Nespresso coffee or Dilmah teas included.


We host new guests for drinks and serve nibbles in the historic stone cottage, allowing us hear your plans or make booking tours or dinner reservations on your behalf, often for a sharper price. That's not to mention the immediacy of other entertaining things, like golf, spa retreats, walking tracks, epicurean tours, helicopter rides.... The hardest question is what do you want to do whilst you're here?! 
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